Villa And Land For Sale or For Rent in Tin Mal, High Atlas Morocco

Villa Morocco in the High Altas Mountains

Welcome to The Villa Morocco

Stone Villa for sale in High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, 1 hour from Marrakesh and 10 minutes from Tin Mal, tourist site. This Villa is made with stone inside and out, large arches through out the house, bamboo ceilings, tedelak and stone walls, fire place in living room and another one in the kitchen to heat the hamamm, wooden windows that open three ways and has colored glass for beautiful light reflection, traditional tile flooring. Villa is wired for solar power, generator, or electricity. Right now we have 5 solar panels that we use for powering everything.

It has 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 3 sitting areas with options for people to sleep in these areas, full open terrace, 1 living room, large kitchen, hamamm (original steam bath room), and outside accommodations for grounds keeper. There is a pool out front and 3 covered shade sitting area beside the pool, with huge gardens with flowers growing up stone walls, olive, almond, peaches and apples, coco, orange, lemon and jasmine trees and fig trees. Property is on a paved road and new hotels are being built further up the mountain. Lots size is 30 meters by 30 meters. Water irrigation runs right through the garden. New little house built in the garden and it has its own shower and toilet, and room for a bed or use for laundry room.


Features & Amenities

Villa Morocco has everything you need to enjoy your stay in Morocco – complete with modern amenities like internet and cable TV.

  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Fireplace
  • Pool (3 Meters Deep)
  • Very Private
  • Mountain View
  • Pet Friendly
  • Ample Gardens
  • Secure Parking
  • 2 Full Bathrooms
  • 2 Private Bedrooms
    (House Sleeps 8)
  • Solar Powered
  • Villa Size: 12 m x 13 m (1680 sq feet)
  • 2 Stories
  • Generator
  • On Paved Road
  • Fruit Trees
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Studio Room
  • Full Terrace
  • Rooftop Balcony
  • Patio
  • Accommodations for
    Grounds Keeper
  • Lot Area: 30 m2
  • Lots of Room
    for Expansion

Vacation Rentals Bed and Breakfast

Villa is available for rental on the daily, weekly, or monthly bases. There is room for 4-6 people. Pool is 3 meters deep.

Rates & Pricing

  • Daily €30.00-50.00/person (FREE Moroccan breakfast)
  • Weekly €350/couple (FREE Moroccan breakfast)
  • Monthly €950.00/couple yearly contract
  • Moroccan cook €20.00 a day (3 meals)
  • Cleaner available €7.00/day
  • Pick up at airport and drop off €75.00 (4 People)

Tours & Packages

  • All day hiking tour up mountain, with donkey, meal served, nature walk. Some of the trip is river bed so wear good shoes. €60.00/person. Food included, donkey included, beautiful scenery, Breakfast at a berber home early morning.
  • 2-3 Hour day tour to old ruins. Beautiful scenery for photo ops, and tour of village. Tea at a berber house. €25.00/person.
  • Trip up spectacular Tizi n’ Test pass over 2000m in altitude. Hiking may be arranged and price will depend on the trip planned. Meal may be arranged, or bought while up in the mountains.
  • Walking tour threw Moroccan Jewish villages, old Jewish cemetery. Half day. €25.00/person.
  • Walking tour from up mountain back down to the villa. Beautiful scenery, easy walking as its on a paved road. This is a half day tour, €15.00/person. Price will include ride up to the village where the walk starts.
  • Learn to cook Moroccan. Cooking classes right at the villa with a Moroccan cook. Price will depend on the meal you want to learn how to make. Approx. €25.00/person.
  • Swimming and lounging at the villa is free. Floats available.
  • Trip to buy flat woven tribal blankets or rugs hand made in Morocco. Price varies.

Buy Villa Morocco

Villa size is 12 meters by 13 meters (1680 sq feet). Great opportunity for the right person as tourism is really growing in Morocco. You could start a guest house or tour business for the mountains, etc. There are lots of options. This villa is priced to sell. It is brand new. Scenery in the area is breath taking.

Price is €290,000 EUR. It will be the best investment you ever made as prices are only going up in Morocco. Very private, quiet and romantic location. There is a milky way, right over top of the property and you will get to enjoy it every night with a full sky of stars. Beautiful valley right below the house and romantic walks at night are the best.


Map & Location

From Marrakech take high way S501 toward Asni. Stay on this highway past Ijoukak, past Taleth N yakop, past Tin Mal, and after you have passed Tin Mal (go about 5 kilometers), you will take the first right hand turn onto a side road, go about 2 kilometers and you will see big stone walls on the right hand side of road. Here is a link to Tin Mal a tourist center that is 10 minutes from Villa Morocco. The second yellow road that you see in the map is my road and just before the second bend in that road is where Villa Morocco is located. Tin Mal

View Villa Morocco in a larger map

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can I stay at Villa Morocco?

    You can stay in Morocco legally for 3 months, after that you can apply for an extension (local police station) or leave the country and come back for another three months. If you are married to a Moroccan, you can apply for a residency visa. This is done by filling out an application, proof of money (like bank statements), 5-6 pictures of you, marriage lic., and bring to your local police station. They will verify everything and send it in for you. You will have to pick it up from them in a couple of months.

  • Is it safe in Morocco?

    Yes it is very safe in Morocco. There is theiving, pick pocketing, and scamming but that is everywhere, not only Morocco. You just have to use common sence like you would in any third world country. Money talks in this country and sometimes thats what is needed to get threw a problem.  Crowds and people squeezed onto buses could be a good place for a robbery. They will slit your backpack or purse, pants pocket etc with a razer blade and steel everything that is of use inside. Many a cell phone goes missing and you will never know until you want to use it and can't find it. Make sure you have your money and passport hiden on your body under clothing and tucked in good. Theiving on beaches is common as well. Have someone (you know) take care of your cloths and belongings, if you go in the ocean.

  • Can I bring my best friend (my Dog) to Morocco?

    Yes you can bring your dog. You will need up to date vacination papers, and maybe a fee here or there, but very easy to bring it into the country. Marrakech has stray dogs running the streets that need homes, so you could easily adopt one of them but just taking it home and washing it up. Its yours.

  • Why do the donkeys always bray?

    You will hear the donkeys braying allot because they are very social animals. They want to be with other donkeys and they call each other this way and can be heard for miles in the country side. Some Moroccan youth say that when a donkey brays, its because he seen a ghost. There must be alot of ghosts in Morocco then.

  • What kind of products do tourists buy in Morocco?

    Rugs are one of the best things to buy here. Different areas of the country, make different types of rugs. There is alot of websites to research the rugs for styles and types. Costs can be bargained as they will be high priced for a tourist. Its up to you to dicker on the price. Thats part of the fun of buying anything in Moroco. Prices are always more than 60% higher or more for tourists than for a local. Guides are usually paid by stores or sellers, to have them bring their tourist group to that store. So your guide may not be bringing you to a store or seller that is good for you, it will definately be good for him if you buy something there.

    There is allot of wood products that are hand made in Morocco. The wood is thya wood and makes very beautiful boxes etc. There is argan oil that is very popular now. If you buy argan on the street or on the beach from sellers, you will be buying something that is not argan, but they will tell you it is pure argan. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. They MIX a little bit of argan (just enough for the smell) with regular cooking oil. They make a killing on this. Argan prices have gone up so much, because of exporting to Europe and other western countries. Its almost not affordable for Moroccans to buy it anymore. You really have to look for a person that knows how to make it at home and then watch them make it to make sure you are getting what you pay for. Argan trees only grow down south due to the arid weather there. There are two types of argan oil. One is the cooked argan, that you eat with salads etc, the other is the uncooked argan that you use on your skin. The cooked one smells kind of nutty and tastes good. The skin oil is uncooked and tastes allot different but very good for your skin.

  • Are there buses or a train to take me from Casablanca to Marrakech?

  • There are alot of buses in Morroco. The CTM is a higher class bus than the ragged old local buses that should be off the roads. CTM is new and comfortable buses with air conditioning and regular schedules, and little higher prices but worth it. Local bus system is really used up buses that are usually over packed and seats broken. Very unsafe. Usually the guys that work on the bus also need to know how to fix it in case it breaks down on the road. There is a good train system that runs across Morocco as well.